Beat Osteoporosis!

New bone reinforcement treatment


If you are at risk of osteoporosis, your doctor will organise a DEXA scan to check your bone density. If your bone density is too low, it might mean you have osteoporosis, and are at risk of serious fractures from a simple fall. These include wrist fractures, spine fractures and hip fractures. 


To prevent these fractures, your doctor may prescribe Vitamin D/Calcium supplements, as well as a bone-protection tablet (known as a bisphosphonate, e.g. alendronate). However, this takes 6-12 months to work, and only increases your bone density by 2-3% per year.


While most wrist and spinal fractures do not need surgery, hip fractures nearly always need surgery. Now, we have the ability to target the hip bone specifically. A single injection into the hip bone increases its density by over 50% almost immediately. This also increases its strength and thus may reduce the risk of a serious hip fracture.

Target  osteoporosis directly: a special injection strengthens the bone and may reduce the risk of  a hip fracture

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