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Hip knee cost

Insured Patients

I am recognised and approved by all the major insurance companies (BUPA, AXA, WPA, Simply Health, etc.).


Invoices will be sent directly to them, although you may have to pay any excesses on your policy. Even though the insurance companies may cover the cost of any agreed surgery, you may still have to pay for any medication you take home (e.g. painkillers).


Self-funding Patients

You will be invoiced directly for the costs of my outpatient consultations and any procedures I do (e.g. injections).


You will also be invoiced for any operative treatment we agree on. Private hospitals have a package price for any procedure, and we will arrange the most cost-effective package for you. Approximate costs are as follows:




Injection in Clinic             


Hip/Knee replacement     


Knee ACL reconstruction 


Knee arthroscopic menisectomy 





£12000 - 15 000


£7 500


£5 000

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