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Partial Knee Replacement

partial knee replacement

Sometimes only part of the knee wears out or becomes damaged by arthritis, raising the option of a partial rather than total knee replacement.


I believe in only replacing what is diseased or abnormal , and is keen to consider partial knee replacements in suitable patients.


The knee can be divided into three compartments: the medial (inside leg side), lateral (outer side of knee)  and patello-femoral (knee cap) compartments. Each may wear out individually, leaving the rest of the knee joint in relatively good condition. In such situations, it seems inappropriate to remove and replace the whole knee (total knee replacement) when only part of it is damaged.


Through careful questioning, focused examination and modern imaging investigations, I can determine if your knee is suitable for a partial (rather than a total) knee replacement. Such joint-preserving procedures usually have a more rapid recovery and lower risk of complications, than the more invasive total knee replacement.

partial knee replacement
partial knee replacement
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