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Knee Arthroscopy

knee arthroscopy

Arthroscopic (key hole) knee surgery uses small incisions and specialised instruments to look inside the knee and deal with internal problems.


I can deal with many internal problems using arthroscopic surgery. These usually relate to meniscus or articular cartilage tears or injury. Not all problems are amenable to this type of minimally invasive surgery. Often an X-ray or MRI scan of the knee will show whether the problem can be treated arthroscopically.


Arthroscopic knee surgery does involve a general anaesthetic, although a spinal anaesthetic can also be considered. Usually, the procedure is done as a day-case operation, and most patients can walk immediately, sometimes needing crutches. Recovery is  about two to three weeks for most arthroscopic knee procedures.

knee arthroscopy

Meniscus tear before and after arthroscopic surgery 


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