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Knee Problems

knee arthritis

Meniscus tear

The menisci are the shock absorbers of the knee that fit between the femur and tibia. They can be torn by traumatic injuries , or through general wear and tear. Such tears can be treated with arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery, involving either partial removal or repair of the meniscus. 


knee arthritis

Before and after keyhole meniscus surgery

Ligament Injuries

Most ligament tears from sporting injuries can be managed with bracing and focused physiotherapy, but some need surgical reconstruction.


This may involve using synthetic material or the patient’s own tissue, to replace the damaged ligament. I always warn patients that such operations are only part of the treatment, as a prolonged course of rehabilitation and physiotherapy is probably an equally important part of the treatment.

knee arthritis

Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis (or arthrosis) is becoming more common, due to more people taking part in sports, as well as the increasing rate of obesity.

Many of my 'younger' patients are surprised when Xrays and scans reveal the main problem is arthritis. Previously, the only solution was a total knee replacement, with significant functional limitation. Now, I can offer such young patients the less invasive options of partial replacements or realignment (osteotomy) procedures, that permit better function.



knee arthritis
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