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Leg Re-alignment:

Tibial Osteotomy



Early arthritis is often due to 'bow-legged' malalignment or deformity.  can be helped by re-aligning the lower leg to offload the worn-out part of the knee. Tibial osteotomy is also useful when patients are too young for knee replacement surgery. 

There is renewed interest in this ‘old-school’ technique due to better implants and instruments. I feel it is a viable alternative in younger people with knee arthritis who want to remain active, and delay a replacement for many years.

Modern techniques mean that 'breaking and re-setting' the leg does not need a brace or plaster after the operation. Most patients are allowed to walk on the leg immediately, and can go home the following day.

Accurate planning with digital technology helps to get a good correction and reliable pain relief.

Tibial Osteotomy
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