Bone reinforcement for Osteoporosis

If your DEXA scan shows you have osteoporosis, your doctor will probably advise some tablets to strengthen your bones and prevent fractures.


I am delighted to now offer a specific bone injection (OSSURE®) to increase the bone density in your hip. This increases the strength of your hip bone immediately, and may reduce your future risk of  a hip fracture.


Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

After specialised training, I am pleased to offer Robotic-assisted  knee replacements to both NHS and private patients.

This will improve the accuracy of the surgery in terms of the proper positioning of the implants, and hopefully also allow shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery.


Custom Knee Replacement

Every person's knee is uniquely shaped and using off the shelf implants involves inevitable compromise in terms of shape and size. New 3D printing technology allows a personalised approach to produce an implant that fits the patient perfectly. In fact, it will not fit any other patient. This is another step forward in trying to get better results after knee replacement surgery.


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